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The gloves can be employed for therapy within the Ayurveda studio or at home for daily Ayurveda massage. An instruction sheet for usage and massaging is part of every delivery and included with each pair. The gloves are hand-made and produced from natural bourette silk or Bourette & chapa silk. You can wash them by hand at 40° Centigrade (104° Fahrenheit).

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Pair     Silk Gloves, Classical Bourrette-Silk 11.40  €  €
Pair     Silk Gloves, Double-Face: Bourette-/Chapa-Silk 13.70  €  €

Minimum order = 5 pairs
Total Net amount  €
VAT  19 %  €
Total Gross amount  €

We deliver our Ayurveda-Massage products to all Ayurveda-Business-Customers,
with a minimum order of 5 glove-pairs, which you are free to combine from our collection.
If you order 40 or more pairs, our quantity discount prices are shown automaticaly.
*The unit prices are shown without german VAT (USt) and don't include shipping cost.
Prices for Shipping and COD depend on the terms of each country. For Germany it is 7,49 €

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AYURVEDA offers a number of possibilities to enhance physical well being. One speciality is the GARSHAN-MASSAGE, done with silk gloves, which is very relaxing and balancing for the whole body. Through rubbing, an electrostatic relaxation of the skin is brought about. This effects also the psyche: an extraordinarily pleasant feeling arises, because through the skin we reach the whole sensory nervoussystem. The often applied massage with brushes, which wears out the skin, is replaced by a method which polishes the skin besides the usual massaging effect, and neutralises electrostatic charging. At the same time, slag is removed from the tissue.

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